Monacacy RIver

Shimmering white blinds my eyes
As I gaze into the rushing water.
Water that reflects the I am,
Rushing and running over rocks
Swirling steadily into pools
As still as a looking glass
A snapshot of what I was
In that moment,
Ever changing is who I am,
Blurred in reflection,
Over obstacles and under them,
Rushing, running over rocks,
Pulling nutrients from the bed,
A home for the fishes of ideas,
Jumping and flashing,
Their scales gleaming,
Taunting for a chance to be caught
In the net of dreams,
The incubator of creativity,
They run through the blurred
Reflection of my face.
Blinded by the shimmering white,
I feel the pull of a could be on my line.
I bring the flailing fish into my boat,
Prepared to clean it for all it is worth.
In its flesh I find nourishment.
In its beauty inspiration,
I pack it away and paddle for home.